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As a lawyer, you know your online presence is crucial. It’s what could turn a potential client to another firm. If your attorneys’ and law firm web design isn’t professional, responsive, and user-friendly, your clients will opt for a website design that is.  

Hosting & Maintenance

Develop Bright will host, manage, and maintain your website so you don’t have to. Learn more by visiting our websites page. 

Website Design

We pride ourselves on websites based on marketing strategy. We’ve built more than 1500 websites, so it’s kind of our thing. 

Online Reviews

One of the first thing a consumer does is look at reviews. We can assist leveraging our Partner Review Portal. 

Social Media Marketing

Posting isn’t enough. Develop Bright helps you target your social media marketing so it’s reaching the right audience. 


Google Ads

We’re Google specialists. Whether Google Search Ads, YouTube Ads, or Google Display; we’ve got you covered. 



SEO and Websites go together like PB&J. Develop Bright knows how to implement proper SEO strategy to grow your business. 

More Than a Designer

Any designer can create a law firm web design that looks good, but an agency is what makes a site truly effective. Develop Bright web agency combines both graphic design and digital marketing to help your site get results. We’ll take a look at how your site is performing both on and offline and help you optimize your site to get the best results.

Our digital marketing strategy includes tools any attorney web design should have:

  • An intuitive, user-friendly navigation bar
  • High-speed page loading
  • Mobile-friendly features
  • Social media buttons
  • SEO and SEM tools
  • Analytics tools to gather useful user data

We focus on the long-term effects of your website and ensuring that everything on your site—from web designing content to color schemes—follows a strategy and meets your unique goals.

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Website Design for Law Firms

Every law firm is different. Some may specialize in business law and have a particular focus on brand awareness, while criminal defense attorneys are more concerned with building their client base. Because every law firm has a different purpose, it’s important that their website reflects that.

Working closely with you and your team, we’ll help you define the specific goals of your company and build a website centered around them. We’ll define your audience, study your competitors, and determine the user-journey before web design even begins.

Our Latest Work

At Develop Bright, we know what makes incredible website design for attorneys and law firms. With our carefully developed process, thorough research, and incredible website layout examples, we know what elements must be included in attorney web design for it to be successful.

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If you want to learn more about our pricing and how Develop Bright can help you create a website design that is responsive, engaging, and user-friendly, contact us! Together, we’ll create a site potential and current customers are sure to take notice of.

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