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Posted On February 19, 2020

What Are the Most Popular Website Theme Builders?


Trying to customize your WordPress site can be challenging. Any edits you make can be time-consuming, difficult, or require professional coding skills. And what if you want premium WordPress themes? That’s where a WordPress theme builder comes in. A website theme builder allows you to customize pages while writing little to no code and makes your life so much easier. Take a look at our top three picks for the best website theme builders.


Divi Theme Builder

The Divi Theme Builder is one of the most popular theme builders on the market. Using the Divi Builder, you can easily drag-and-drop page elements to create beautiful webpages. Divi has 46 customizable content modules and provides a real-time preview of your changes. Finally, Divi is fast, user-friendly, and doesn’t require a lot of coding skills. You can purchase Divi and all its themes for $89 a year.

One downside to using Divi is that it’s difficult to merge Divi themes with WordPress themes. If you want to change the color, font, or layout of your pages, it can require a lot of effort.


Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Format

People with little to no coding knowledge will love Beaver Builder because it includes an onboarding tour that shows how to use the website theme builder. The live drag-and-drop interface allows you to see how your changes look as you make them, and you can easily edit page elements with a single click. Finally, Beaver Builder features more than 20, SEO optimized page templates that let you add a ton to your website. You can purchase Beaver Builder starting at $99.

Despite its popularity, this WordPress UX builder is the most expensive builder available. The cheapest plan is $99 a year and the most expensive is nearly $400. All three plans include premium modules and templates.



Elementor Format

If you’re searching for a simple and responsive website theme builder, Elementor is a great choice. This is one of the few interfaces available that requires no coding skills and allows you to build pages using a simple drag-and-drop method. The builder is compatible with most WordPress themes, features tons of customizable widgets, and has pre-made templates to choose from. The best part about Elementor? It’s free!

A drawback of Elementor is that you may have to use the builder’s default typography and color settings, as changing them can be incredibly challenging.


The Verdict

If you’re looking for a reliable WordPress UX builder, any of the choices mentioned above are great. However, you’ll want to remember that every page builder theme has drawbacks and requires careful research before selecting one.

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