Develop Bright got its start by working with entrepreneurs, specifically assisting entrepreneurs with web development and digital marketing. We believe entrepreneurs can be greatly motivated by those colleagues around them, so we’ve started a series called ‘Entrepreneur Spotlight’. We’ve asked a series of questions; if you have motivating entrepreneur stories or suggestions please contact us.

Develop Bright: Describe what you do to those who may be unfamiliar

Hustle Gents: My name is Asam Khairzada, I am a social media influencer with 30k followers on Instagram @hustlegents. I am an energy broker and business owner.


DB: What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

HG: Entrepreneurship has a very deep meaning to me, which makes me very passionate about it. To me it means: wherever you are in the world, you will find a way out. You may not be able to find a job (due to your reasons) but you can start the company you’ve always wanted, or even a stall on the street selling food, jewelry or clothes and make good profits.

One thing I like about entrepreneurship is the vision we have; the ability to visualize the end product from the beginning and cherish the results. It’s also about discovering and building each and everyone around you.


DB: What advice or motivation do you have for other entrepreneurs? 

HG: You’re going to get rejected over, and over, and over. That’s the reality of our business and industry. This is because society doesn’t allow people to think a person can build a business from scratch and grow it to 6 and 7 figure companies.

So when things don’t go right, take a deep breath. Think of yourself 5, 10 or 15 years down the line as a big shot owner of that successful brand. It’s just about getting through the storms and never stop shining!


DB: What’s your favorite motivational or inspirational quote?

HG: ‘Do it now, or regret it later’. I can relate to this so much it’s ridiculous. The 18, 25, 51 year old entrepreneurs, had all that time to do it but didn’t. It’s not too late, so please go and do what you really want!


DB: What’s one impact you hope to have on those you come in contact with?

HG: I love this question. I want to help them to understand that us humans are an avatar controlled by energy and frequency. So whatever your brain wants to accomplish, the universe will turn around and help you achieve it. But it won’t do it straight away. It will give you failures, rejections and broken hearts. But this is how you make it possible. And looking at it through my eyes, those are the best teachers in life.


To gain more motivational energy from Hustle Gents, find them on Instagram by clicking here.  If you have suggestions on someone who inspires you to be an entrepreneur, contact us so we can do an Entrepreneur Spotlight.